SET is an important contributor to the quality of education, through an approach that emphasizesthe acquisition of competencies, content that is pertinent to everyday life and the use of teaching and learning methods to develop 21 century skills.

Statement of need

The need for life skill education in schools has been undertaken in many countries around the world. The need for life skills educations is highlighted, directly in the Convention of the Rights of the Child and several international recommendations. Demands of modern life, poor parenting, changing family structure, dysfunctional relationships, a new understanding of young people’s needs, the decline of religion, rapid socio-cultural changes, etc. make life skill education essential for primary education.

Experiential learning- freedom & fun, ownership
& autonomy


SET basically woven for teachers student learning system. In the responsive classroom approach and experiential learning it is very important to note that how a catalyst influences today’s students. With the support of SET, we can use our language acquisition to help students develop a positive relationship and self-control and make them understand life skill and communication as the prior important matter on that through life skill only we can make students self-confident in communication. Life skills are generic skills, relevant to many diverse experiences throughout life. They should be taught with a view to gain maximum impact from skill lessons. However, for an effective contribution to any particular domain or prevention, life skills should also be applied in the context of typical risk situations. NILA envisages the development of life skills education as a dynamic and involving process, which should involve children, parents, and the local community.

Book Cradle:

The practice of skills in selected learning situations and supportive learning environment is the aim of life skill learning through modelling or observation of the skill. NILA is the leading light of knowledge by adopting villages and safeguarding reading and knowledge bearing through skill acquisition.

Smile Clinic:

One of the major findings of a decade of research on the positive side of human behavior, cognition and emotions are that the positive aspects are qualitatively different from the negative aspects in a number of dimensions. Based on these findings we firmly believe that life skills training could be a good option for enhancing students’ happiness, quality of life and emotion regulation.

Green Army

Life skills include a group of skills and abilities which help individual’s far efficient resistance and also in attending to life situations and conflicts. These skills enable the individual to be adaptive and right in connection with the environment and provide self-esteem.

Student startup-EDP

The practice of skills is facilitated by role-playing in typical scenarios with a focus on the application of skills and the effect that they have on the outcome of a hypothetical situation. Based on 3 R’s NILA develops student startup from value-added products and global friendly raw materials and makes the skills sustainable to their future era of life and thoughts of knowledge.

Leadership Development programme

The LDP provides a string of learning and training experiences that blend pragmatic and academic learning, with hands-on exercises focused on developing future leaders. In order to ensure the rigor of the programme, the LDP demands a significant commitment by the participants.

LD assessment

Inclusive education is meant to be an understanding of inclusion as an approach to education for all children. The core of inclusive education is the human right to education. According to UNICEF, an education system is inclusive if it “encompasses all students and welcomes and supports them to learn. No one should be excluded. Every child has a right to inclusive education, including children with disabilities.” NILA supports schools to focus on UNIVERSAL DESIGN FOR LEARNING as a pedagogy that can facilitate inclusion. Universal Design is a way for teachers to support all students’ learning, even if each student learn differently.

Round Table Cool Time:

Adolescents’ prospects depend on the quality of their environment, relationships and experiences. The care and support they receive, the services they can access, the social norms that guide their communities and the extent to which they can influence their decision that affect them all make a difference. NILA is backing them to strengthen healthcare, education and system along with mental health support to ensure extensive opportunities.

ICAN Pedal-Cycling Club

Health and life skills qualify students to stay well informed. Their healthy choices assist them to develop behavior and thereby contributing to the well-being of self and others and enable them to answer the call of opportunities and expectations in the world of work. NILA’s ‘I CAN Pedal’ equips the students with the aspirations to achieve the above said mission ahead.

WINGS OF TUNE-Bird watch club

Children learn life skills and life lessons that are beyond the scope of their regular schooling.‘Wings of tune’is a bird watch club which fosters emotional intelligence, healthy living, environmental awareness and leadership. They start to be vigorous and enthusiastic towards life. They learn to observe and be one with nature. During this process, children push their boundaries, expand their horizons, feel like natural and empowered leaders with empathy and end up discovering themselves in many ways.

Disaster Management & Resilience Club

SET project of NILA aimed at environmental education as a major skill and creating child friendly school initiatives by providing Disaster Management training to students with demonstration and support from the Department of Fire and Rescue, Govt. of Kerala.


Through Palliative care club, NILA helps the students to develop interpersonal skills, self and ability to know others, empathy and trusted confidante as a reflective maturity. With the support of the club we initiate a social transformation and social responsibility among the little feathers of the school.

Spell contest

Life skills enable effective communication, which denotes the ability to differentiate between hearing and listening ensuring that messages are transmitted accurately to avoid miscommunication. Through communication only the language skills can be effectively acquired. NILA is giving core importance to English language teaching in the project SET.

HANKY campaign

NILA provides Hanky campaign as a part of social responsibility along with SET project at schools. Students get benefited from the lessons and are aware of washing hands from WHO manuals and use hanky. NILA has focused on one lakh students’ awareness in a year on the same project.


Language is the key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities.
At “Inno Lingua,” we employ innovative and interactive methods to make learning languages a fun and engaging experience for children.
We introduced our flagship project, the Inno Lingua Language Festival, designed to ignite a passion for languages and foster a love for reading among students.
encouraging students to explore the beauty and power of words. With a focus on Book Cradles, book corners, magic reading, and Vijnaan (knowledge), we provide a unique and immersive experience that nurtures language skills while fostering creativity and critical thinking.


“Excellent and Enthusiastic mentors (CATALYSTS) of NILA always focus not in text book but out of the class room activities and we were so much interested to be in this class because it is focused on experience sharing and case study. They treat us equally and I am so happy to be in this classes as it is more friendly and knowledgeable beyond a text book “


“Not every Teacher goes through the extent of helping and supporting students within limited talent and quality of students. So I think it is very commendable on behalf of mentors and frame work of Project SET of NILA is always supportive to students to think across globe. I really enjoyed their session like Wings of Tune, Seed ball, Scholar Gipsy language club; Book cradles etc.i really enjoyed the classes.


“I would like to take this option to thank you for NILA for being with us. I appreciate the countless friendly approach of dear mentors of NILA. I still remember all classes they train us with utmost bounciness and unique questions that kindle our thoughts. We are having always a space to share everything to our NILA and all our mentors are good listeners too”


“ I have been a student of NILA for last three years at Sainik school LPS, I can tell the project is a great one because they never beat us, they never scold us, will tell enough story and always consider our words and always took us to outside class and through different relaxation play will make us confident to face all situations and I am so happy to be in the class of our dear catalysts mam”