SAP – SCHOOL ADOPTION PROGRAMME envisages establishing active, participatory co-operative, academic support to schools under Public Education Protection Mission. The project seeks to build resilience and life skill among students by helping them to develop their own space by supporting community growth through social action and knowledge acquisition. We support the school authority to do the student exchange programme and support schools to find economically poor schools and organize them to support others.

Adopting a school aims at helping Public Education System along with directing our students to know about the happiness of learning based on a learning cycle driven by the resolution of reflection and experience. We pave the way for different school students to adopt a nearby school with poor economic and infrastructure facilities and we try to share the experiences of both and through this involvement students will get the skills of thinking, feeling, perceiving and behaving.

The programme focuses on learning which results from a synergetic transaction between the person and the environment. A person’s behaviour is a function of the environment and his space. So far SAP is providing support to students to know beyond each other and enhancing their social responsibility.