Parents associated with students' life satisfaction


“Parents play a fundamental role in school communities and children’s education. Alongside schools, the family atmosphere is another major influence on the psycho – social development of children and adolescents in particular, warm, supportive and accepting parenting behaviors are associated with elevated life satisfaction and mental support to children. In contrast, research has demonstrated associations between harsh and rejecting parenting behaviors and depressive disorder and anxiety. Based on the above said statement NILA is providing  scientific training to parents to be a consistent predictor of students’ well-being and strongly associated with their life satisfaction.”


• Providing pre- intervention and post -intervention strategy of mentoring parents. • Support parent mental health, character strength, parent–school connection and child outcome.
• Qualitative analysis of evaluation and output with open ended questions and methodology with result oriented intervention.


• The enhancement of parents’ own understanding of well-being and equip them with skills to flourish.
• An atmosphere for parents and the school to develop a consistent language around well-being.
• Creating opportunity to enhance the parent-school relationship by building connections with mentors at school.
• Valuable preliminary insight to parents on positive education and mental health
Anand. S Parent, Govt UPS KOLLAM

At PET session, I get the quality of knowledge that I have always wanted from a parent training. I felt like I was rushing myself, trying to get everything done with my perspective only. The training provides me to rethink and it is an eye opening session.

Mr. Ajith Kumar PTA President VEV School TVPM.

“Really appreciating the modeling you have done for us with case study on parent training with positive enhancement. Every parent must know the millennial how to bring them beyond books and knowledge and with experience sharing and positive support. Thank you for the wonderful session and training.

Nisha . P Parent SFS secondary school. TVPM

Thank You NILA for a fruitful session on parenting. It was naturally creative with case study method and inquisitive to know the mind of child and importance of mental health. I want to be the part of this session with continuity and want to improve my parenting and through want to improve my child psycho - social development.