Leadership Development Programme

Scope of LDP

NILA’s LDP is so much more than a school leadership programme. It helps to infuse valuable life skills into high school students and practice them to suit the role of genuine leaders. We endow them to make kick-starting conversation and inspiring memorable experiences that instill valuable leadership and life skills.
Tailored specifically to resonate with today’s teens and grounded in research, the LDP curriculum utilizes real-life imagery and stories to engage students in a creative and relevant way. This flexible, research-based curriculum is adaptable for any school’s programme and has been proven to spark a positive shift in the school’s overall culture

• Break free from peer pressure and influence others in positive ways

• Experience greater empathy and minimize bullying among students

• Embrace a growth mindset that values hard work and resilience

• Capitalize on personal strengths to be career-ready upon graduation

• Develop critical thinking skills that produce better life choices

• Self-social and emotional learning

• Character education to top teens, the art of leading yourself

• Career readiness training