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“It is predictable that around 20 percent of the world’s adolescents have a mental health or behavioral problem. Mental health problems in young people thus remains to be the most important contemporary public health challenge worldwide. Precautionary efforts can help obviate the development and progression of mental disorders, and early intervention can limit their severity. Based on this NILA designed the project I SEE aiming an urgent task in addressing adolescent mental health with systematic research on the nature, prevalence and determinants of problem faced by adolescent students”

ISEE features

Provides a nurturing environment to promote safe psycho-social well-being and protection through positive education and encouragement.
With trained mentors and supervisors, we guarantee non-clinical psycho-social support to children and adolescents and families and engage them in peer play, cultural and recreational activities.

Positive intervention targeted across the adolescents, family, and community will strengthen the innate capacity and confidence.

Daniel First Year VHSE , Govt. Technical & Fisheries School , Valiathura TVPM. Kerala

It was my colossal luck and kismet to be the part of I SEE project by NILA. The entire day was a different experience to me. The team of NILA is like a family to me, there is a space always to speak, and the confidence they provided to me was beyond the words. They lead me to my passion of photography and I am very proud to say that it will be memorable time for me because NILA unveil my first photography exhibition on same day of I SEE project at my school Govt. Technical Fisheries and Residential School. Thank you the team NILA for a wonderful experience.

Resmi . R Plus Two student , Govt. HSS Kilimanoor.

NILA’ I SEE project was an eye opener to me personally. I have established my leadership, public speaking skills and have also been able to advance these skills to my life too. I was a student, who is not interested to stage any presentation, but first time through I SEE I was able to stand in front of a big team and I am so happy to be with NILA because I am always comfortable with this team of mentors. With the attitude of being ever ready to help the mentors really prove that they are real designers of life.

Anto Mathew B tech student , Trinity College of Engineering

I feel so proud to be the part of I SEE project and it was a great opportunity as well as support for me as a mentee with NILA. The support and confidence that I derived as a byproduct form their training session was a turning point for my career growth. Thank you for being a part of it.