We erect a great platform for students on experiential learning.

NILA resolutely engages with students in first-hand experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. The general purpose of I–Con is the application of qualitative action research approach and methodology of social experience and positive education.


Stay Creative

   Here we are using the idea of nature as a context for learning and the development of ecological awareness and interpersonal relationship. It will be essential in the future challenges of education and that learning need to be included in the school curriculum as a supportive and holistic, pedagogic and teaching methods, which always support motivation and wellbeing of students for LIVING-LEARNING methods.


In I–con teachers are playing a significant role as collaborators and here we insist professionalizing teaching methods and giving more precedence over personal values associated with the outdoor experiences including freedom and fun, ownership and autonomy, the authenticity of love-rich sensory environment and physically for pedagogical practice.

All such methods in learning and teaching will provide a means of incorporating driving up of standards through a re - awakening of joy in learning.

I – CON offers students the practice of exploratory learning and pleasure of rich experiential qualities of outdoor context, social responsibility and re - awakening of values-based pedagogy. It will definitely support them in maximizing the possibilities for alternative pedagogies and enjoyment.