Children are mounting up in a transforming world. Technology, migration, climate change and divergence are reshaping society, forcing people across the globe to adapt to unexpected changes in their lives and work and to kindle smile in them is also very tough to manage.

Skill development begins in early childhood. Yet, half of the world’s pre-school children are not enrolled in pre-primary programmes, depriving them of a critical opportunity to develop skills that support lifelong learning. Another 250 million children of primary-school age are failing to achieve basic numeracy and literacy (UNICEF).

EDP supports children to face and enhance the future ahead and make them independent to unleash the young innovatory skills for better future.


Some 800 million children will leave school by 2030 without possessing the skills essential for them to lead healthy, productive lives.

Foster the development of good organizational values, vision, and ethics for all to follow as well as the ability to build trust.

Successful entrepreneurs are highly self-correcting since they are attached more to a goal rather than a particular approach or plan. “The inclination to self-correct is a quality that seems to distinguish younger entrepreneurs from
their older and better-established counterparts.

Young social entrepreneurs, being members of their communities, are in tune with local culture and know how to bring about change in their communities and which arguments to use to promote change.