Happiness And Mind

Can we define Happiness?

Humans are connected to the depth of unconditional love and concern. We may give advice to others to be happy and to share happiness. But, coming to the thought of being happy, one should really know what happiness is. How can we define happiness? Or where can we find it? These queries may get thousands and thousands of answers, because the define may change due to the change of perspective. If we ask the question “What really makes you feel happy “to a naughty champ, who is playing with his toys. He may says “Toys make me happy”. If we are asking the same question to different people, we may get different answers,
because their happiness is depended on their needs and concerns.

Some may say, the reason of true happiness is none other than ourselves and it is true too. Happiness is inside us and we must realize it. How can we define a healthy person? A healthy mind helps one to lead a healthy life with a healthy body. And thus happiness is interconnected with our minds and thoughts. Is a peaceful mind, inevitable for being happy?
Are we able to keep a smile while we are moving on with our hardships?

Mark Twain, an American writer once said “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up”

That’s really food for thought. Though we are facing challenges in life, the hope in you and the strength in you provides you happiness. You may be abandoned or may be struggling in solitude. But just think, about the blessings that you really have. Then you may feel better.

Tricks for being happy

Is there any easy steps or tricks for being happy? A depressed man may get irritated by a philosophic lecture on happiness but no one can provide happiness to anyone unless we are willing to enjoy it.

 Keep a gentle smile: Smile provides positivity to you and all those who are around you.
 Exercise : At least take a walk, which helps to give relaxation to your mind
 Sleep : An healthy mind needs good sleep
 Food: Your mood may depend on the food
 Give a compliment to others
 Be grateful
 Try to enjoy the beauty of nature
 Be the reason for other’s smile
 Breath deeply
 Acknowledge the unhappy moments
 Follow your passion and find out a stress relief
 See your friends and try to mingle with the gathering
 Socialize yourself

Your mind is a creator, create a world of joy and happiness, people will surround you like birds flying towards a ripened fruit. Be the fruit of Joy.

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