Self-compassion & Wellness

Self-Compassion contains acting the same way towards yourself when you are having a difficult time, fail or notice something you don’t like about yourself. Having compassion for yourself means that you honour and receive your humanness. Things will not always go the way you want them to. It may change as per life and situation. The more you open the heart to this reality the more you can identify the problems and can find a solution and can experience the same.

  • Self-compassion means being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or whipping ourselves with self-criticism.
  • Self-Compassion involves recognizes that suffering and personal inadequacy is part of shared human experience – something that we all go through rather than being something that happens to “me “alone”.
  • Self-Compassion also requires taking a balanced approach to our negative emotions so that feelings are neither suppressed nor exaggerated.


Self-pity tends to emphasize egocentric feelings of separation from others and exaggerate the extent of personal suffering.  Self-compassion on other hand, allows one to see the related experiences of self and others without these feelings of isolation and disconnection. Self-pitying people will always be carried over upon their own emotional drama.

  • Think about how your life might change.
  • Find a good and wise friend inside you.
  • Catch Your inner critical voice in action.
  • Talkback gently to your inner critical voice.
  • Practice replacing your inner self.
  • Talk to a friend who made the same critical voice.
  • Share your inner critical voice with a compassionate friend.
  • Then write a letter to yourself.

It is worth developing healthy friendship with YOURSELF.

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