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Cultivating Positive Emotions is an important phase of our Well-being whether it is mental wellbeing or physical wellbeing.  First of All, we have to develop a Personal Growth Goal Plan and work towards it. A lot of experiences influence how we develop and what we become as a person.

Let’s think about PGGP: it refers to any goal or putting efforts into changing or developing yourself as a person or in any of your personal qualities. Hope we all know about ourselves and about our personality. Working on Personal growth goals can in itself be a source of Positive Feelings, after this, we have to shift to next step of PGGP – Just think a about a pattern of behaviour you currently wish to change from yourself, then fix and try to change it.

We have to be emotionally and psychologically fit for wellness and achieving happiness.  Let’s we can have a glimpse of thoughts over this.


  • Sense of Mastery & Competence: This is about facing a general sense of being able to manage the strains in our environment and an overall general sense of competence in the roles we play in the day to day life.
  • Positive Relations: This indicator is psychological well-being is to do with a general sense of belonging, having some warm and accepting relationship.
  • Self-Acceptance: This is about accepting oneself as a whole, with strength and weakness.
  • Sense of Engagement & Growth : This covers two related aspects, a sense of being engaged in activities that are meaningful and fulfilling as well as a sense of continuing to grow as a person.
  • Sense of Mastery and Competence: This is about experiencing an overall sense of being able to manage the elements in our environment and an overall general sense of competence in the roles we play in the day to day life.

Let’s follow the Practical strategies here:

Practical Strategies to increase Your Psychological Wellbeing:

  • Enhancing Pleasure: 
  • Sharing with others
  • Memory Building
  • Self-Congratulation
  • Sharpening perception 
  • Absorption.

While finishing we have to say that mental health interferences largely trust on promoting psychological wellbeing by improving self-efficacy. Since self-efficacy affects almost every facet of our well-being, so it is vital to help our fellow being/subjects realize their self-worth and self-compassion through the challenges of pandemic life. This is the responsibility of SMILE HUB.

Saleena Beevi S

Life Coach , SMILE HUB


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