Out of the class into the world

The essential value of education is that every child is  exclusive and has the right to high quality education

Teachers are independent specialists : they need to respects common objectives

Preparing for accountable & autonomous role

Liberal adult educational is needed to support diverse personal development

The positive intervention targeted across the adolescent, family, and community will strengthen
 the innate capacity and confidence.

Learning need to be through insight & encouragement

Individualized remedial coaching is needy

Experiential learning- freedom
& fun, ownership & autonomy

School Adoption Program NILA

School Adoption Programme

SAP – SCHOOL ADOPTION PROGRAMME envisages establishing active, participatory co-operative, academic support to schools under Public Education Protection Mission.

Leadership Development Programme

LDP is so much more than a school leadership programme. It helps to infuse valuable life skills into high school students and practice them to suit the role of genuine leaders.

Entrepreneurial Development Programme

Children are mounting up in a transforming world. Technology, migration, climate change and divergence are reshaping society, adapt to unexpected changes
KURIAN . A . JOHN Asst Director. VHSE Department

Great to see a magnificent Team of Mentors, meticulous and ardent team – NILA FAMILY. You are having fairly focused projects with a clear vision of kindling smiles across globe. All of your programe were nicely structured and scheduled. Wish you all the best!!


“ I don’t have no words to express my feeling and happiness to see the real quality of projects undertaken by NILA Group of organization. My vocabulary is limited. It is my pleasure to be here in this wonderful session of I SEE with a great ambience, awesome personalities and passionate mentors. All the very best to Team NILA

T ANIKUMAR Excise Circle Inspector TVPM

NILA is flowing from the heart of all students, as I know for the past five years it is a spontaneous and natural flow. The projects for the service of mankind and social responsibility is always awesome to say. Immense support and sincere work of NILA team for my department is trustworthy always. The awareness campaign and sessions is most useful always for parents and students.

ANEESHA ANEEBENEDICT Marine Biologist & Fist Lady Scuba diver.

Dive into your skills, dive into the deepest difficulties, only then you will be able to succeed. Wishing all success to team NILA to make all endeavors to kindle smiles across globe to all levels of children with equity of opportunities and passionate hard work. You are selecting marginalized children to support and give breath to them. It is a great effort from your part.

Sr. Princy Rajan Vice Principal, Holy Angels school Adoor

)NILA is always providing quality training session. Their strategies and instructional coaching simple work and worthy. The content area strategies are easily managed and engage all students whether they need remediation or acceleration. They provide always instead of what, the why of all effective strategies. Experiential learning techniques of their projects were excellent!!

ARUN KUMAR Career Mentor

“An amazing team of mentors and well equipped case study session! Very interesting and useful is all training sessions of NILA. It will provide a stepping stone to the future of our children sure.